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Fuel wheels is a company that deals with wheels for off-road cars. It was launched by MHT wheels. Fuel wheels are designed using the latest innovations and technological advancements in the field of off-road cars.


  • 2016 Styles: These wheels combine the latest innovations and modern technology to bring some of the best inventions in the field of the wheel in the present year. Anza D5D3 and Assault D576 are the common wheels in this style.
  • Fuel One Piece Wheels: These are suitable for most custom trucks and fitments. These wheels are cast from a single mold to form a solid piece. The prominent ones to look for are Anza D106, Anza D557, etc.
  • Fuel Two Piece Wheels: It consists of two wheels bolted together. Example: Cleaver D239, D240.
  • Fuel Dip Lip: These wheels have an outer lip and rim which is deeply set. These are made of magnesium, aluminum, and their alloys. Beast D564 and Dune D522 are the best examples.
  • Fuel Forged Wheels: These are made by forging aluminum monoblocks such as FF01 and FF02. They are available in different varieties like black and milled, custom painted and polished. Machine lip dimples may or may not be included.
  • Fuel Dually Wheels: This series consists of two piece forged wheels. They are available in many custom finishes and do not need any adapters. Cleaver Dually (Both Front and Rear Variants) may be considered.

The different tires that they sell are:

Fuel offroad wheels are engineered keeping the requirements and preferences of the users in mind. They are thus the appropriate ones for use by the car-lovers, from both aesthetic and functional point of view. Apart from the wheels, the company also sells different accessories.

Have a look at the varieties of wheels manufactured by Fuel Off-Road:

  • Gripper A/T
  • Gripper M/T
  • Gripper UTV

The grille varieties include:

  • Chevrolet Fuel Grilles:- These are exclusively manufactured for trucks and SUVs. 2005-2006 Chevrolet Classic Body Silverado Black Grille GF 11061 deserves mention.
  • Dodge Fuel Grilles:- They are durable, reliable and come in fresh styles. 2010 Dodge RAM 2500, 3500 GF 14510, and 2006-2008 Dodge RAM Laramie are two of the premium Dodge Fuel Grilles found here.
  • Ford Fuel Grilles:- These grilles are available at a reasonable rate and for a cool look. Example- 2004-2008 Ford F-150- All including Hartley GF 15560.
  • Jeep Fuel Grilles:- 2007-10 Jeep Wrangler is a common example of Jeep Fuel Grille.
  • Toyota Fuel Grilles:- There are varieties of Toyota Fuel Grilles sold by the company such as 2007-2009 Toyota Tundra and 2005-10Toyota Tacoma.
  • Nissan Fuel Grilles:- Examples of this type of grilles are Nissan Titan GF17811, Nissan Titan GF17801.


Apparels sold by the company include Flex-Fit Cap, Concept T-Shirts, Logo T-Shirts, Ladies T-Shirts, Sideswipe T-Shirts, Splatter T-Shirts and many more. Road stickers and can coolers are also there for an enjoyable road trip.

Keeping the customers happy and satisfied with the high-end products is the main aim of the company.